Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hello to 2012,

We brought the new year in by trying to get an early night, but some morons were letting crackers off to every time I was about to drop off!

Our little man has been sleeping well, most nights he sleeps through, which is great. We have started a bed time routine, which consists of a bath, a change into some pj's, story and feeding. We have been doing this for around 5 nights now and he is going to bed a little earlier every night, which is good because it was after 10pm before we were getting him to bed. He was asleep by just after 8.00pm last night and didn't wake until 7.00pm, he likes his sleep, just like is Mum and Dad!

Because he sleeps so much during the night, he doesn't sleep that much during the day, but I would prefer my sleep of a night.

Here are some more photos of the little man. He is smiling alot now, which is nice to see.

This is a picture of Owen watching the cricket with his Pop.

Here is Owen passed out in his car seat, with Harold the Hog.

Here is Owen, glued to the tv!

Father and son.

Just chilling on the couch with mum.

This is one of my favourite pictures of Owen.