Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunrise and Bread


I was up early the other morning and happened to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise from our new lounge area. 

It is something isn't it!
Colin has taken over bread making duties as he quite obviously has the touch when it comes to making bread.  Here is a picture of one of his recent loaves in our new oven!

Update on Owen


Owen is doing well and in the past week he has starting doing a lot of walking.  I took him for his second hair cut on the weekend, which he was none too impressed about.  He created quite the scene when the lady started cutting his hair.  I was able to distract him with my purse, which he isn't normally allowed to play with.  We went to his day care centre for orientation today, I think he will be quite happy there once he settles in.

Here is our little man.

In our old kitchen, before it was ripped out.

Getting ready for Christmas.  I got him a t-shirt which says, "Official toy tester" and it came with the little Santa Hat.

Having a tanty!

After the tanty!  All those little curls are gone for now.

Christmas Decoration

Hello There,
Well we have been busy, busy, busy.  We have moved into the extension and it is so nice to have more room.  The builders are now renovating our old kitchen, dining and living area into our master bedroom, with ensuite and walk in robe.  We hope that it will all be finished before Christmas, we don't want to be welcoming the builders back in the new year!
Amongst all the moving I have managed to fit in some crafting (in my new crafting room, which I allow my husband to have a small portion of for his computer!)
We had a Stampin Up Demonstrators team meeting a couple of weeks ago and we all made the decoration on the cover of our Christmas Catalogue.  I had such fun making the first one, I decided to make another one.  I used a couple of suggestions from Bronwyn Eastley and Jayne Sutcliffe, to use DSP instead of stamping and to use the adhesive sheets.  This made life a lot easier.  Here is my creation.

Monday, October 22, 2012

My little bag boy


I have always enjoyed putting my pet cats in bags, boxes etc (sometimes much to their disgust), so naturally I was going to do the same with my little man.  Owen was standing next to my Doctors bag, which is designed for transporting the Stampin Up Bigshot and thought "I wonder if he would fit in that", well he did and looked down right adorable in it.  See for yourself.

Just Add Ink Scrap Challenge


I have been busy scrapping the many photos from our honeymoon, so I decided to take up the Just Add Ink Scrap Challenge for this month, Just Add Bright Colours.  I used the photos that we took at the Totem Poles we saw in Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada, as they are very colourful.  Here is my page.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

House Extension

The house extension began in late August, a week before I went back to work.  The Builder originally told us six weeks, which I didn't believe.  It is now late October and we are still going.  We had some issues at the beginning of the project and had to build a big retaining wall, which took some time to do and there was some bad weather as well.  The wall looks awesome.  Here are some photos of the house.  We need to take some more recent photos as the inside has been plastered and the outside has been clad.   But here are some of the progress to date.

The digging begins

Our beautiful wall

The house comes out of the ground


More framing

Windows and wrapping

Our back courtyard area

Inside the living area
I will try and get some more recent photos up soon.


Hello All,
Yes I am still here.  Have been very busy of late, went back to work in late August, have a house extension/renovation on the go and of course looking after our little man.  He had his first birthday in September.  I cannot believe that my little man is now one.  Anyway enough of the talk, I know you just want to see some photos of him, so here they are.  Enjoy.

 With Pops about to eat some paper.

Showing off his leggins (this one is just for you Auntie Avril)

This is Owen's first day at the beach, he enjoyed eating some sand.

With Auntie Heather

Having a cuddle with Granny

Going for a ride in a nappy box, which his Dad was pulling around.

Look Mummy, no hands!
Sharing a book with Pops, this is when we discovered that he liked to turn the pages.
At the pool
Looking cute, as ever.
I hope that you have enjoyed these photos. Hopefully it won't be so long between posts.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creative Writing

Hello There,

 I have been doing a creative writing course through adult education. Our first homework assignment was to write a poem. I thought I would share my poem with you, it is a riddle and you have to guess what the object is. I would love to know what you think it is. Here is my poem:

Let me tell you a riddle as to what I am
Can you guess, let's see if you can

Some of me is soft, the other, not at all
I can vary in size, but I would be considered by many as small

My colours, shapes and forms are diverse
To calm, sooth and placate is my purpose

Some consider me to be the best
Whilst others consider me to be a pest

Treasured by my one for a period that may be considered small
Then taken away by another and eventually not thought of at all

Do you know what I am? Have you guessed, let's see if you can

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My little Cow


Forgot to include this photo with my recent post. We were having some fun (well I was) trying different hats on Owen. I picked this one up in Scotland on our honeymoon, it is my highland cow (or coo as the scots would say)hat. Isn't he just adorable??

Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby Cards

Hello Crafters,

Despite my lack of posts, I have been doing some card making and scrapbooking, which has been good. We were able to squeeze a desk into our bedroom for my crafting, which has been awesome as it means I don't have to get all my stuff out and put it away every time that I want to make a card.

I had to make a couple of cards for friends that have had baby's recently, one boy and one girl. I used the same idea for both cards but made them slightly different. I used the new framelits that are in our current autumn/winter mini.

Here are the two cards:

Hope you like them.

Owen's First Swim

Hello People,

Yes I am still alive, just haven't had much time for blogging of late, don't know why!!! Owen is doing well, he had his six month check last week and he is now weighing in at 8.8kg and is 70cm long.

He started swimming in early February and is doing really well, he went under the water the other day and blew bubbles as he was coming up, I was so proud. Colin was able to have the afternoon off work to attend Owens first swimming lesson, so we were able to get some photos of the occasion.

Colin's father came down from Queensland at the beginning of March to met Owen. It was the first time I had met him as he had been overseas for our wedding. We had a good weekend catching up with him and by the end of his visit I think that he was quite smitten with Owen, but who isn't. This is Owen with his Grandfather Peter.

Of course there has been lots of photos of Owen over the past few months, but here is a selection of some of his more cutest moments.