Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hello All,
Yes I am still here.  Have been very busy of late, went back to work in late August, have a house extension/renovation on the go and of course looking after our little man.  He had his first birthday in September.  I cannot believe that my little man is now one.  Anyway enough of the talk, I know you just want to see some photos of him, so here they are.  Enjoy.

 With Pops about to eat some paper.

Showing off his leggins (this one is just for you Auntie Avril)

This is Owen's first day at the beach, he enjoyed eating some sand.

With Auntie Heather

Having a cuddle with Granny

Going for a ride in a nappy box, which his Dad was pulling around.

Look Mummy, no hands!
Sharing a book with Pops, this is when we discovered that he liked to turn the pages.
At the pool
Looking cute, as ever.
I hope that you have enjoyed these photos. Hopefully it won't be so long between posts.

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  1. Hello beautiful Kim,
    Ohhh Owen really is such a cutie!! HOw can you resist those gorgeous cheeks!!
    Love and smiles SHarnee :)