Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creative Writing

Hello There,

 I have been doing a creative writing course through adult education. Our first homework assignment was to write a poem. I thought I would share my poem with you, it is a riddle and you have to guess what the object is. I would love to know what you think it is. Here is my poem:

Let me tell you a riddle as to what I am
Can you guess, let's see if you can

Some of me is soft, the other, not at all
I can vary in size, but I would be considered by many as small

My colours, shapes and forms are diverse
To calm, sooth and placate is my purpose

Some consider me to be the best
Whilst others consider me to be a pest

Treasured by my one for a period that may be considered small
Then taken away by another and eventually not thought of at all

Do you know what I am? Have you guessed, let's see if you can

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