Friday, April 6, 2012

Owen's First Swim

Hello People,

Yes I am still alive, just haven't had much time for blogging of late, don't know why!!! Owen is doing well, he had his six month check last week and he is now weighing in at 8.8kg and is 70cm long.

He started swimming in early February and is doing really well, he went under the water the other day and blew bubbles as he was coming up, I was so proud. Colin was able to have the afternoon off work to attend Owens first swimming lesson, so we were able to get some photos of the occasion.

Colin's father came down from Queensland at the beginning of March to met Owen. It was the first time I had met him as he had been overseas for our wedding. We had a good weekend catching up with him and by the end of his visit I think that he was quite smitten with Owen, but who isn't. This is Owen with his Grandfather Peter.

Of course there has been lots of photos of Owen over the past few months, but here is a selection of some of his more cutest moments.

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