Thursday, December 22, 2011

Update on Owen

Hello All,

I have been asked if we had stopped taking photos of Owen as there had been no posts for a while. As if we have stopped taking photos, it is just finding the time to actually getting the photos up. All is well with the little man, he has been sleeping through the night for us and I cherish each night that he does it. He is now in his cot as he was getting too big for his bassinet.

He had a check with the health nurse this week and he is now weighing 6.1kg and measures 61cm and he is now 12 weeks old. He is becoming a little boy and losing his newborn look. Here are some photos for you. I will try to add more on a regular basis.

He is now starting to smile, which is nice to see.

On Sunday mornings we try to have a sleep in, when Owen wakes up, I will feed him and put him in bed with Colin and myself. We generally end up with the two cats on the bed as well. It is quite the treat!

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