Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Two Firsts

 Hello There,
Thought I would share some of Owen's firsts with you, his first hair cut and his first birthday.  His first hair was on the 22nd of September and he went really well.  He sat relatively still, there was no crying and more importantly no mishaps with the scissors.  He has since had a further hair cut and he was the total opposite!  The hair dresser who cut his hair the first time kept calling him a dude and in her Irish accent it sounded rather cool.  He even got some baby product in his hair!

Owen's first birthday was a rather low key affair, just a bbq tea out our place with my parents and a Owens Godmother.  This is the cake that I made for him.

Here we see Owen enjoying his first birthday cake, chocolate of course.

Something tells me that he liked his birthday cake!!

1 comment:

  1. I love that face!! I love the cake too, such a fun idea with the ducks and the water!!
    Our children had their first taste of sweetness with the wonderful 1st Birthday cake, all of them loved it!! (of course they do!)
    Your precious boy is indeed that, very precious and cute and incredibly adorable!!
    HUgs and love SHarnee :)