Monday, March 14, 2011

The Origin of the Wet Chook

Some of you may be wondering where the name "Wet Chook" came from. Our chickens previously belonged to my parents and we adopted them when they moved house. They also had a water tank, which Dad used to give the chickens fresh water, on his way to the chicken pen of a morning, he would turn the tap on, go and feed the chooks and then would promptly forget to turn the tap off. This happened on a number of occassions and as the chicken enclosure was on a hill we got talking about how with all the water running down the hill that the chickens would soon be white water rafting! Colin got to work on some images of the chickens, putting a helmet and life jacket on one and then putting her in a raft. A sign was made for the water tank to remind my Dad to turn the hose off! It worked. So that is how we came up with Wet Chook Productions! Here are the photos that Colin did.

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