Monday, June 13, 2011

Preparing for our new addition!


While some people may have been using the long weekend to relax Colin and myself have been busy moving furniture (well Colin has) and putting furniture together for our first baby which is due in September! We have a two bedroom house, one of which was used for our crafting/hobby room, which we have now had to give up and change into our bedroom. Poor Colin is exhausted from moving alot of things around, it is quite frustrating not being able to help him, but he would tell me off if I did. Colin's Mum, Anita, was kind enough to spoil us with all the big items for the nursery so we were busting to set it all up, plus my nesting instinct is setting in and I want to get things organised. I am quite happy now, just need to sort out where were are going to store all of our crafting goodies! But we will get there.


  1. Oh guys this looks fantastic!!! I love the Winnie the Pooh theme and the furniture is just lovely! What a great room it is, ohhhh i love the nesting period, you get sooo much cleaning done!
    Hope you are both feeling fabbo and that Colin has recovered after so much hard work!!!
    HUgs and love SHarnee :)

  2. p.s Oooo I also love the photo's of you guys up (never thought of doing that) and the lamp is sooooo sweet!!! xxxx

  3. Such a cute room! All ready for the new arrival :o) Hope all goes well.