Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Little Man

Hello There,

It has been quite some time since I have added some photos of Owen on my blog, I know that there are a couple of family members who are probably chomping at the bit for some new photos.  So here they are:

This was Owen having some fun in the mud, I have to say that it was no hardship for me to play in the mud as well.  After the fun was over it was straight to the shower for the both of us!

We went to an open day at a pig farm up in the North West of Tasmania and Owen got to pat a piglet (above), of course whilst I was in the pen with him I had to have a pat and touch their cute little curly tails.

                          Me and Owen looking at the ducks at the pig farm.

                         Enjoying a cuddle with Daddy at the pig farm.

 We stopped at a playground in Ulverstone on the way home from the pig farm and Colin got some awesome shots of Owen, this is just one of them.

 This photo was taken at Sheffield when we went up to have a look at Mural Fest.

 This awesome photo was taken by Colin at the recent Evandale Cat Show.  Owen had such a fun time running around the hall looking at all the cats and guinea pigs.

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  1. Gorgeous, sweet little boy!!! I've also Gotta say Kim i LOVE that hat!!! You guys all look so fab!
    HUgs and love SHarnee :)