Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hello There,

Thought I would share a few recent photos of our little man, Owen.

Getting a sweet kiss from my beautiful little man.

Kicking back on the couch, watching the movie of the moment 'Polar Express'

Seeking refuge on his trike from the overly friendly ducks at the Country Club Resort when we went to feed them on Saturday.

Here are the ducks, they liked to snatch the food bag out of your hands!  I put the food in my hands and we counted to three then I would open my hand and let the ducks hoover the food of my hand, Owen thought this was very funny indeed.

Owen having some fun with stickers!

My Auntie Avril, who lives in Scotland, sent Owen the First Fire Station Duplo set for Christmas so we built a massive structure using this one and other sets.  Owen and I had great fun building this structure.

Where's the fire at?

Sheer concentration as he drives the fire truck!
Thanks for stopping by and may the crafting force be with you.

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